Habit streaks help you develop the muscle necessary to perform the habit and grow more perspective with each passing day. You start to make distinctions that you could not have otherwise experienced without a certain streak level.

In fact, you could have known about some of the key ideas or distinctions, in theory. However, without first hand experience, the theory doesn’t take on any meaning.

As your streak grows, you start to see new distinctions and ideas that you cannot experience without the streak. Someone could literally explain all of the insights to you and you still wouldn’t appreciate it the same way. Why? Actual practice and experience creates the conditions for you to actually unlock and notice the new ideas and distinctions. There’s a massive difference between being told what’s going to happen and actually living it. When you live it, it takes on deep and personal meaning. That meaning leads to breakthroughs.

For years, people have been telling me about the value and power of hiring people to help me get more done and focus on what I do best. That made sense on an intellectual level, however, I never felt compelled to do anything about it. Now that I’m up to nearly 30 published articles in as many weekdays, I am starting to see and experience how hiring some help could help me do more while freeing me up to focus on what I do best.

Before the streak, this was just an idea that sounded logical and made sense. But it didn’t mean anything to me personally because I had not yet experienced it. Now, I feel it so deeply that I’m compelled to actually do something about it.

What can you do?

Commit to your own streaks, in whatever matters to you. You can’t even begin to imagine what you’ll think and notice when you get to 10, 20, 30, 50, and so on. Find something that matters to you and commit to doing it every day.

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