Over the last few weeks, I have reflected on limiting beliefs that have interfered with my reinventions. Thanks to great conversations with dear friends, I explored some of these and put them into words.

One of the toughest things I encountered in my first professional reinvention back in 2008 was the first pay cycle where I did not receive a direct deposit. I didn’t think much of it leading up to that day. Out of habit, I checked my account that day and for the first time in 4 years, nothing came in. This definitely caused me to panic and reconsider my decision.

Fast forward to mid-2020 when I launched another reinvention and I was prepared in case I felt that again. The biggest difference this time was that I had built a longer and more comfortable runway for myself. However, as reflection would reveal, this sneaky limiting belief finds many other ways of manifesting itself.

Limiting Beliefs Take Many Forms

Taking the time and space to reflect allowed me to see previously unseen variations of old limiting beliefs. These run deeper and are not sitting around in plain site. I realized that I had been so conditioned to receive a paycheck that when it didn’t come, it caused me a variety of discomfort and negative associations. Here are three versions of the same old limiting belief.

Feeling Guilty

On several occasions last year I felt guilty for not earning a formal and traditional salaried income. It wasn’t a terrible feeling, but enough to distract me from my intended path. It caused me to look at job postings on Linkedin or think about speaking gigs I could secure. Other times, it sucked the energy out of me and my day. On those days, I might either surf the day away reading articles on ESPN or watch a couple of shows on Netflix.

No Income Means I Have No Value

Another way this limiting belief shows up is by tying my contribution and value to earnings. Essentially, if I’m not earning, I’m not contributing or doing anything of value. Recently, by writing every day, I have completely disproven and replaced this with a more empowering belief. Through my writing, I can contribute to others, make an impact, and do something of value whether I get paid to write or not.

No Employment only equals Unemployment

A third variation is that if I’m not employed by a company, I’m unemployed. This version of the limiting belief does not allow for an alternative where I am building something or even earning income in less formal ways.

Working with my coach, he empowered me with an exercise to shift my focus from what I don’t have (i.e. traditional employment) to what I do have (i.e. amazing people who care about me) and what I’m building (i.e. a new business).

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