Pivoting Back to My Essential Core

Inspired by my newest role models, I found myself following them too strictly. In the process, I strayed from my core and now I'm pivoting back into alignment with my strengths and interests.

How I Built a Nice Collection of Aging Problems

When it comes to email, I designed a system to collect and put problems on hold without solving them. In other areas of life, I address problems right away, by design. Now, I'm looking for other ways I can design for addressing problems right away, rather than saving them for later.

Where My New Ideas Come From

I started writing so that I could document and publish old ideas, however, what I discovered was that writing is actually how I develop new and better ideas. Writing is more about surfacing new ideas than it is about documenting old ones.

What Success Cannot Teach Us

A line from Neil Gaiman's MasterClass helped me realize that only in failure can we learn what success fails to teach us. The perspective from reaching the finish line of a failed race is quite different and valuable to learning and growing.