The Problem with Technology and How to Fix It

A tool is only useful if you have the understanding and underlying know-how to use it adequately. Furthermore, you have to have a purpose first, then a strategy/model/plan to achieve your goal, and finally can you then begin to consider the appropriate tools to employ. Then and only then do tools take on a clear meaning, become easier to learn, and stand the chance of delivering results.

Design for Awesome: How 19-hour School Days Can Transform Education

What if school opened at 5am and closed at midnight? What if student participated in activities other than class? What if local entrepreneurs also used the space at night as a collaborative working space? What if they became mentors to high school students? What if they became collaborators? What if they became partners? What if working together they started new businesses? And what if along the way, all of this inspired and motivated students to master all of the state-mandated content because in comparison it just seemed so easy? In this post, I discuss all of this and pose other questions.

Is EdTech an Epic Fail?

In this post I discuss some of the fundamental issues with edtech as it stands today. Recently, the Los Angeles Unified School District received a lot of publicity for a failing iPad program. While I don't believe the case is hopeless, there are some fundamental issues that must be addressed for the initiative to improve. Other schools can certainly avoid these mistakes.